Estonian edtech startup Lingvist raises €5.1 million in funding

The Tallinn, Estonia-based startup, Lingvist, that aims to make language learning faster, using big data and AI, has raised €5.1 million in the latest round of funding for its language learning app.

In the new funding round, Lingvist was backed by a group of investors, led by the Netherlands-based Rubio Impact Ventures. Other investors included Prague-based Rockaway Capital and Metaplanet Holdings, a Tallinn-based venture capital firm chaired by Skype’s co-founder, Jaan Tallinn.

Lingvist was set up by an Estonian alumnus of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research – commonly known as CERN – nuclear physicist Mait Müntel in 2014, after he developed a prototype software to learn French in 200 hours. Encouraged by his progress, he launched Lingvist as a startup and serves as its CEO.

The company developed an algorithm that enables the application to swiftly customise and adapt course content to each user.

Lingvist’s team in Tallinn. Photo by Rasmus Kooskora.

“This funding enables Lingvist to hire a separate scientific research team to experiment with radical ideas and bring them into production. It also allows Lingvist to scale its language learning application to many more languages and bring it to users in more markets,” Müntel said in a statement.

Cover: Lingvist’s language learning app being used on a tablet computer. Photo by Lingvist.

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