Estonian startup Lingvist partners with a Taiwanese company

Estonian language learning startup Lingvist has partnered with a Taiwanese e-commerce provider, PChome, aiming to deliver a new type of learning technology to Mandarin speakers learning English.

Lingvist is a language learning tool that uses artificial intelligence to drive the learning process. The programme adapts to the skills and knowledge of every learner, making for the language learning process substantially faster than the traditional classroom-based learning.

According to a statement by Lingvist, the partnership with PChome is expected to save more than three million hours’ worth of time for Mandarin-speaking English learners in its first year.

Lingvist’s CEO, Mait Müntel, said the company chose Taiwan because it was “the best place to launch an innovation”.

“The people of Taiwan are fantastic early adopters and will help us shape Lingvist into a product which will redefine the way the world learns languages,” he added.

PChome is a large e-commerce group in Taiwan, reporting around USD800 million in consolidated revenue in 2016. The company’s B2C platform, PChome24h, is one of the most comprehensive e-commerce sites in Taiwan, according to Lingvist, carrying over five million items.


Cover image courtesy of Lingvist.

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