Estonia’s average monthly income grows by €63 in 2020

Estonia’s average monthly gross income grew by measly €63 in 2020 and was €1,380 at the end of the last year; the gross monthly income was the highest in Harju County – €1,541 – and the lowest in Ida-Viru County – €1,088.

The average gross income covers wages and salaries paid to employees and civil servants, work-related stipends, support and other payments.

The largest gross income was earned in Rae rural municipality in Harju County, where it was €1,893. Of towns, Keila ranked first with €1,525, followed by Tallinn with €1,519. Among municipalities, the smallest income was earned in Narva – €1,018.

According to Greta Tischler, an analyst at Statistics Estonia, men’s average gross income was €1,530 per month and women’s was €1,243.

“Employees aged 25-49 earned the highest average gross income, receiving €1,544 per month. The smallest income was earned by under 25-year-olds, earning €932 per month,” Tischler said in a statement.

In 2020, the number of employees receiving an income was 522,722, having decreased by more than 15,000 people compared with the previous year.

Cover: Estonia’s flag with a stash of euro banknotes. Photo by Shutterstock.

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