Latvians can now use their ID cards to register a business in Estonia

Latvian citizens can now communicate electronically with the Estonian Business Register’s company registration portal, using their Latvian ID-cards that give access to all the same services as the Estonian ID-card.

Latvia is the fifth country whose electronic signature the registration portal recognises. Latvian citizens have now joined Estonians, Finns, Belgians, Portuguese and Lithuanians, being able to use the company registration portal, sign petitions and documents electronically and transmit them electronically to the Estonian Business Register.

Submitting annual reports also becomes easier when using the Latvian ID-card in the portal since reports can be signed electronically in the same environment.

The solution Estonia offers is one of the few information systems in Europe that recognises the ID-cards from different countries.

“We hope that the inclusion of Latvia to the list of countries whose cross-border electronic signatures are recognised in the portal simplifies communication with the Estonian Business Register for the Latvian citizens,” Mehis Sihvart, the director of the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, said.

Over 3,000 Latvian citizens are currently connected with Estonian businesses or non-profit organisations, according to the Estonian Business Register.


Cover: Estonian and Latvian national flags (the image is illustrative.)

2 thoughts on “Latvians can now use their ID cards to register a business in Estonia”

  1. I wonder is this exclusively for citizens of Latvia or also holders of Latvian ID cards who are permanent residents in Latvia but not citizens?

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