Major footwear chain Deichmann opens its first store in Estonia

The major footwear chain, Deichmann, on 22 August opened its first store in Estonia, at the Nautica shopping centre in the Estonian capital, Tallinn.

Deichmann, a German footwear chain that the newspaper Handelsblatt in 2017 called the largest shoe vendor in Europe, said in a statement that it had been planning to enter the Estonian market for a while.

“Opening the store in Tallinn makes our dream – which is being represented in all the three Baltic States – come to life. People in Latvia and Lithuania gave Deichmann a warm reception, and we hope to secure a strong foothold in Estonia as well.” said Živile Bložiene, the sales manager for Baltics at the company, said in a statement.

Founded in 1913 in Germany, Deichmann says it sees considerable growth potential in Estonia and is planning to open more stores in Tallinn before the end of this year.

Other stores outside of Tallinn in the works

“We are already planning to open our second store in Kristiine shopping centre in September,” Bložiene said. In 2020, the company wants to open stores in other towns in addition to Tallinn. It is also planning to open an online store in the Estonian language.

Deichmann’s first store in Estonia is situated in Nautica shopping centre and covers an area of 380 square metres (4,090 square feet). The store is stocked with nearly 15,000 pairs of shoes, the company added.

The company says it has over 4,000 shops in 26 countries in Europe and the US (there is one Deichmann store in the US, though, in Towson, MD) and it has, according to itself, sold over 178 million pairs of shoes during last year.

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