Survey: Most employees in Estonia burned out at work

A recent survey by the Estonian job search and recruitment portal CV Online reveals that as many as 78 per cent of people in Estonia have experienced work stress in the last six months and 72 per cent are burned out at work.

Comparing the results of the survey with the results of the 2021 survey, the level of work stress has increased by 7 per cent.

The survey revealed that people feel employees are valued differently and unfairly in a team – 27 per cent felt this way sometimes, 23 per cent often and 11 per cent daily.

Work-related stress negatively affects employees’ relationships with friends and family. 20 per cent of the respondents let work stress negatively affect their relationships daily, 25 per cent often and 28 per cent of employees do it sometimes. Only 10 per cent of the respondents do not let worries at work affect their relationships with loved ones.

Not getting support from employers

Although 35 per cent of employees rate the relationship with their direct superiors as very good and an equal share rate it as good, employers have not been the best listeners when problems arise. In a difficult situation, only 14 per cent have always received support from their employer.

An office. Photo by Israel Andrade on Unsplash.

“Based on the results of the recent occupational stress survey, every employer could take a moment to pause and measure the internal climate of their organisation, if they have not already done so. It is a concern that should be prevented for the sake of employees’ mental health rather than dealing with the consequences later,” Karla Oder, the head of marketing at CV-Online, said.

“As employers, we are responsible for the health of our employees and if we can prevent work stress and burnout from the beginning, we contribute to the creation of a supportive and healthy work environment in our company,” Oder added.

37 per cent rated their mental health “so and so”, 30 per cent rated it rather good, 21 per cent rather bad, seven per cent very good and five per cent very bad.

Over 2,300 people answered the CV Online’s survey, conducted in early May.

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