Tallinn Airport to make it easier to pass through security

Tallinn Airport has begun replacing its security equipment with new, more efficient machines, which may result in longer queues than usual; from April, passengers will be able to pass through security without taking liquids and laptops out of their hand luggage; and the airport is also planning to remove the requirement to put 100ml liquids in separate plastic bags.

The replacement of security screening equipment at Tallinn Airport with new and more efficient machines began on 16 January. The work, which will continue until early April, may result in longer than usual queues at security checkpoints, so the airport is asking passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before departure, the airport said in a statement.

According to Tarvi Pihlakas, head of the airport’s security department, the renovation work will be divided into two phases.

“Two of the five security screening machines will be replaced first and passengers will be served by the three remaining machines until mid-February. The two new-generation machines will go live on 19 February, and then we’ll shut down the three older machines to replace them. The replacement is expected to be completed in April, when we’ll be able to start using the five new machines.”

“At peak times, especially early in the morning when passengers from several flights are arriving at the same time, people may have to wait longer. To ensure a smooth passage through the airport and to avoid missing your flight, we advise everyone to arrive at the airport two hours before departure,” Pihlakas said, adding that it’s difficult to change various equipment at the airport as the passenger service must not be interrupted and the quality of the service must not deteriorate.

Tallinn Airport. Photo by Tallinn Airport.

No fast track service during the construction

Pihlakas told Estonian Public Broadcasting that thanks to the new equipment, the airport plans to abolish the requirement to put 100 millilitre liquids in separate plastic bags. However, he added that although this will apply to Tallinn Airport, it may not be the case at other airports when flying back to Tallinn.

The new machines deploy computer tomography and display the contents of luggage in 3D, which makes it easier to see.

The suspension of the service is linked to ensuring a smoother flow of passengers, so it’s particularly important to arrive at the airport on time, i.e. two hours before departure, the airport said.

The cost of replacing the security equipment is €2.8 million.

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