A London gallery showcases art by emerging Estonian artists

An exhibition at the Gabo Manchano Gallery in London is showcasing the art by emerging Estonian artists Lilian Hiob, Saskia Järve, Mauri Gross, Gerli Kont and Ulla Juske.

The exhibition, organised in collaboration with Leyden Gallery and called ERROR, will showcase the interplay where each artist observes the faults made unintentionally through their own artistic interpretations.

Hiob captures everyday errors seen in the Tallinn urban life by photographing them. She is interested in exploring errors that have happened due to man-made mistakes, or because of the lack of man’s interest to their surroundings. The possibility of creating a new art piece in public space makes it somehow very fascinating in its beautiful uniqueness.


Järve is captivated by the complex errors that are connected with human nature and psychology. She mixes photography and drawing to depict delusions of grandeur of people’s dreams and how it is in an erroneous relationship with the real world where we live in.

The work of  Gross explores errors relating to the overvaluation of gold and money in the art world, questioning through his painting of how we should calculate the value of an artwork.

Mauri_Gross_Gold is beautiful_200x200_2014

Kont is fascinated by the communication errors of the visual arts between the artist and the audience. Her drawings delicately leave spaces in the narrative to create possibilities for different interpretations.

Juske is exhibiting an installation based on one of the bizarre stories she collects. It explores implements on the verge of absurdity with the purpose of escaping from unwanted male attention.

The bringing of these five emerging artists together in London for the ERROR exhibition aims to contribute to our comprehension of everyday encounters of errors in our lives.

Founded in November 2013, the Gabo Manchano Gallery is the UK’s only art gallery dedicated to the presentation of Estonian emerging contemporary artists. As a pop-up contemporary styled gallery, Gabo Manchano Gallery occupies different locations throughout London.

ERROR: Estonian art in London

31 March – 4 April 2015

Private view: 31 March at 6:30 pm – 9 pm

Leyden Gallery, 9/9a Leyden Street,

London, E1 7LE


Cover: Saskia Järve – “Mirage” (2008).

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