Estonian language days to take place at the Chicago Estonian House

From 26-29 May, the Chicago Estonian School will host a seminar for Estonian teachers, kindergarten and Sunday school leaders operating on the North American soil; these Estonian language days will be taking place at the Chicago Estonian House in Riverwoods, IL.

The topics of the event include the involvement of teenagers, methods of active learning, learning Estonian as a second language, the matters of identity, tools of interactive learning and learning outdoors.

In addition, the Estonian language days will look how to motivate mixed-ethnic families to continue attending Estonian schools and how to keep one’s native language alive in a different language environment.

“We will experience first-hand how language can be taught through creative and musical activities. The instructors and performers in front of the audience are the best in Estonia,” the organisers said in a statement.

The seminar also includes a cultural programme. The seminar day of 26 May will conclude with the evening performance of “Blackbird” by David Harrower. On 27 May, Estonian vocalists Nele-Liis Vaiksoo, Uku Suviste and Ingmar Kiviloo invite the audience to a musical journey.

The organisers said they would also be happy to greet those still thinking about getting organised and creating language and culture learning opportunities for Estonian youth living abroad.

To make the participation costs more affordable, the organisations have the opportunity to write an educational project to the Estonian Institute. The deadline is 12 April 2023. The participation fees for US participants will be covered by the Estonian Student Support Fund in America. Registration is open until 5 May.

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