Ten Estonian Christmas songs

As it is 24 December and Christmas Eve (the day Estonians celebrate Christmas, unlike the Anglo-Saxons who celebrate it on 25 December), Estonian World is bringing you ten Estonian Christmas songs for your enjoyment or background music.

Liis Lemsalu – Sel ööl on tunne (This Night Has A Feeling)

Beyond Beyond – Lumeingli laul (The Song Of A Snow Angel)

Riho Sibul – Jõulusoovid (Christmas Wishes)

Liisi Koikson – Jõuluunistused (Christmas Dreams)

BIRGIT – Saanisõit/Aisakell (Sleigh Ride/Jingle Bell)

Mari Pokinen & youth orchestra Reaalmazoor – No näed (So You See)

Ott Rõngas – Piparkoogid ahjus (Gingerbread In The Oven)

Mari Kalkun & Riho Sibul – Puhas lumi (Pristine Snow)

Karl-Erik Taukar – Tähti Täis On Öö (The Night’s Full Of Stars)

Linalakk & Äge Brass – Jõulutunne (A Christmas Feeling)

Cover: A screenshot from “Eia’s Christmas at Phantom Owl Farm”, an Estonian Christmas-themed family movie that also features Liis Lemsalu’s “This Night Has A Feeling” as one of the soundtrack songs.

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