The University of Tartu is offering a scholarship for expatriate Estonian professor

Estonia’s largest university, the University of Tartu, invites applications for an expatriate Estonian visiting professor’s scholarship.

The University of Tartu announced that an application round was open for the scholarship for an expatriate Estonian visiting professor. The scholarship fund aims to make sure that renowned researchers and teaching staff of Estonian descent who work in other countries could take part in the activities of the University of Tartu at least for one year or, as an exception, for one semester. The amount of the scholarship is €50,000 for one academic year. 

The scholarship for expatriate Estonian visiting professor was created at the University of Tartu Foundation in November 2018. The scholarship is supported by the Foundation of the University of Toronto Chair of Estonian Studies, the University of Tartu Fund in Toronto and the Estonian Students Fund in the US.

Enhancing capacity worldwide

According to Peeter Einola, the director of the University of Tartu Fund in Toronto, the scholarship “enhances Estonian researchers’ capacity worldwide” and helps create the necessary research links between Estonian and expatriate Estonian communities.

Previously, the scholarship has been awarded to historian and social scientist, David Ilmar Lepasaar Beecher, and professor of cultural psychology, Jaan Valsiner. 

The university said it was “very important” that the visiting professor was ready to be physically present in Tartu and it is one of the main selection criteria.

The application is open until 1 October and applicants are expected to submit an electronic application with all the required supporting materials on the home page of the University of Tartu Foundation.

The University of Tartu, in the namesake Estonian town, was founded by King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in 1632. It is the oldest and largest university in Estonia and is ranked among the 300 best universities in the world by Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

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