“All the good things in Estonia” – through the eyes of children

The Estonian president, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, invited Estonian children to participate in an art competition, “All the Good Things in Estonia”; almost 12,000 drawings were submitted from all over the country.

“With your child, think about what makes Estonia a good place in which to live. We can enjoy both big and small things – our culture, traditions, nature and family, next of kin and friends – everything is important,” Ilves said, inviting the country’s children to participate. “In ten to fifteen years, the children of today will be shaping our country. I am extremely interested in learning about their perspective on Estonia.” The call to participate was sent to all schools and kindergartens, as well as hobby groups and shelters.

Almost 12,000 drawings were submitted. Despite Estonia’s image as an IT-tiger, where kids are taught to code from day one at school, the technological success has not heavily entered into children’s folklore yet – Estonia’s first satellite EstCube is depicted quite a few times, but Skype has inspired just a single aspiring artist.

Most children appreciate Estonia’s relatively unspoilt nature, wildlife and clean environment, but natural food, four seasons, cultural and singing and dancing traditions are also clearly in children’s minds. Naturally, one’s own family and pets, as well as schools are also held in high esteem.

Estonian World took a look of submitted drawings and chose a selection of some more distinctive ones.

Anete Raabe, 9
Anete Raabe (9) likes Jaanipäev (St John’s Day) and the singing and dancing traditions.
Alois Andreas Põdra
Alois Andreas Põdra clearly thinks that the countryside and a proper winter is something to be proud of.
Andreas Hubel, 11
Andreas Hubel (11) has taken a notice of Estonia’s first satellite, EstCube.
Alina Aleksejeva, 9
Estonia is very rainbow-coloured for Alina Aleksejeva (9).
Agnete Markus, 13
Agnete Markus (13) appreciates the country’s traditional folk designs and patterns.
Anette Hendrikson, 11
“Our cows are healthy and our milk is good!” From Anette Hendrikson (11).
Aron Allik, 8
Aron Allik (8) believes in the capabilities of Estonian Defence Forces.
Anu-Kristel Unt, 11
“It’s all about the nature.” By Anu-Kristel Unt (11).
Brianna Mumma, 8
“Four seasons!” By Brianna Mumma (8).
Brittany Korkma, 11
“Hmm, which one today?” Brittany Korkma (11) has noticed the Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves’ love for bow ties.
Elis-Gret Mkrtumova, 16
Tallinn is the world for arty Elis-Gret Mkrtumova (16). Or is she leaving?
Elise Pani, 10
Proper winter, nice summer with yummy strawberries. By Elise Pani (10).
Emma Vill, 12
“Who said that you’d have to go to Paris to find fresh bakeries? We have few just around the corner here, in Estonia.” By Emma Vill (12)
Fredrik from Peterburi, 17
Fredrik (17) likes the singing nation.
Estelle Peek, 3
Estelle Peek (3) holds her family and Estonian summer in highest esteem.
Greta Ruga from Tallinn
Stylish friends make it for Greta Ruga from Tallinn, even in autumn.
Georgi Potjomkin, 9
No, it’s not Saint Lucia. The cruise ships regularly stop in Tallinn or Saaremaa ports. But Estonia also has its own shipping company, Tallink. By Georgi Potjomkin (9).
Gunnar Pihlak, 13
Gunnar Pihlak (13) likes the song festivals.
Hanna Keeman, 13
The barn swallow is the national bird of Estonia. By Hanna Keeman (13).
Hanna-Liisa Sarik II, 10
Enjoying the winter activities. By Hanna-Liisa Sarik (10).
Heilika Ventsel, 12
Heilika Ventsel (12) has been charmed by autumn colours.
Henriette-Solweig Hiiemäe, 15
“That’s us, that’s Estonia.” By Henriette-Solweig Hiiemäe (15).
Ines Themas, 12
Slightly abstract view of Estonia’s nature by Ines Themas (12).
Jakup Põlgaste
“We don’t have natural disasters, radioactivity, poisonous snakes nor 9/11 in Estonia!” By Jakup Põlgaste.
Iraida Ljamtseva, 11
“And tonight, I’ll give you…a song festival!” By Iraida Ljamtseva (11).
Kaarel Lipping, 9
Estonia’s time-clock is ticking as everywhere. By Kaarel Lipping (9).
Karin Kosemets, 14
Wooden architecture and unspoiled nature. By Karin Kosemets (14).
Toomas Tomberg
Estonian balloons make Toomas Tomberg’s day.
Kauri Kastein, 12
Kauri Kastein (12) cannot live without Tallinn sprats.
Kevin Vahemets, 12
Kevin Vahemets (12) has also been inspired by the EstCube, Estonia’s satellite, somewhat in EU flag-coloured sky.
Klaudia Kalme, 8
Klaudia Kalme (8) loves Lotte, an Estonian children’s animation character.
Ksenja Randver, 8
Ksenja Randver (8) also values summer fun.
Linda Heero, 12
Nature, nature, nature. By Linda Heero (12).
Loore Luste, 9
Loore Luste (9) appreciates Estonian children’s books.
Mailis-Heleen Maastik, 13
The barn swallow. By Mailis-Heleen Maastik (13).
Margit Lepik from Tallinn
Margit Lepik from Tallinn has taken a more surrealist view.
Marijoola Uuspalu, 12
Wild forests. No, they are not that scary, actually. By Marijoola Uuspalu (12).
Marta Kostusev, 10
Naughty characters from the Estonian children literature. By Marta Kostusev (10).
Merilin Tali, 12
“Our own language, history, wildlife, and people.” By Merilin Tali (12).
Miia Margaret Tampere, 6
“Big mysterious fish; the barn swallow; and the President.” By Miia Margaret Tampere (6).
Miina Pikkov, 5
“Estonian mouse is also special.” By Miina Pikkov (5).
Mirell Morozov, 12
One of the wild Estonian lynxes has decided to dress up for the occasion. By Mirell Morozov (12).
Mirko Hein, 13
Wild storks. By Mirko Hein (13).
Natalja Aleksandrova, 11
A book character Sipsik, a cheerful rag doll. By Natalja Aleksandrova (11).
Nele Rammi from Laeva
Nele Rammi from Laeva depicts an abstract view of winter.
Sandra Merila, 13
“Be united.” By Sandra Merila (13).
Sarah and Sandra Liivo, 6
Estonian music- and Olympic sporting heroes have been noticed by Sarah and Sandra Liivo (6).
Sigrid Barnabas, 8
Estonian sauna culture. By Sigrid Barnabas (8).
Sigrid Kinguste, 14
The Estonian wildlife has turned…very wild for Sigrid Kinguste (14).
Teele Eskor, 12
The sheep have found a good home. By Teele Eskor (12).
Triinu Orgmäe, 12
Estonia has its own brands, too! By Triinu Orgmäe (12).
Triinu Sepp, 15
In touch with its traditions and culture, yet modern and hi-tech in the same time. By Triinu Sepp (15).
Joonas Napritson, 1
The future Dali? From the youngest participant, Joonas Napritson (1).
Vikorija Bolezina, 8
Tallinn is the world for Vikorija Bolezina (8).


Cover photo by Henriette Solweig-Hiiemäe (15). Photos courtesy of the Office of the President. You can see all the drawings here.

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