Estonian police to use teddy bears to comfort children

Estonian police will start using teddy bears to comfort upset children at the scene of incidents if their crowdfunding plan comes together.

A group of students were stunned when they discovered that children were involved in more than a thousand accidents a year and were often left injured or in a need of comfort – so they set up a charity called “Traumamõmmik” (trauma teddy) with the aim of putting two teddy bears in each Estonian police car.

The newspaper Järva Teataja, a local paper in Järva County in central Estonia, said the police have agreed to the scheme. According to a local police chief, incidents of domestic violence often meant children needed comforting.

The charity organisation set up a website for the project and also opened an account on Hooandja, an Estonian crowdfunding platform, for collecting donations. The Traumamõmmik charity will need to raise €7,000 by the end of April – and so far, it has received over €1,000. The money will go to buy, clean, transport and store the bears.


Cover: Estonian policeman holding teddy bears (photo by Dmitri Kotjuh.)

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