Stunning video: Estonian summer memories

Estonian World was left in awe after seeing this stunning and mellow movie clip about Estonia by Norwegian filmmaker Erik Thomas Kirkman.

The Oslo-based Kirkman told Estonian World that he travels to Estonia several times a year.

“My wife is Estonian, so we visit her family who lives close to Haapsalu. Most of the video is filmed in this area, but the lighthouse is close to a small town called Kulli, towards Pärnu. I recently started filming with a drone, and decided to take it with me to Estonia this summer,” he said.

Kirkman added that Estonia has become his second home and he feels very much at home there.

“The Estonians have a lot in common with Norwegians. My wife is a member of a folkdance group in Oslo that is sponsored by the Estonian government and last year we participated in the folkdance festival in Tallinn. This was very enjoyable and the atmosphere was similar to our national day on 17 May. Both countries have a history of being occupied and people are very proud of their heritage,” Kirkman emphasised.

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