Estonia delivers a cybersecurity training to Singapore

The Estonian ministry of defence has delivered a cybersecurity training and a range exercise to cyber defenders in the Singapore’s ministry of defence and the country’s armed forces.

The training took place at Singapore’s Cyber Defence Test and Evaluation Centre (CyTEC) and was delivered by the Estonian Defence Forces Cyber Range that provides training opportunities from individual level training up to large scale international exercises.

“Cooperation in cyberspace is the most cost-effective way to build relations between nations at such a long distance, given that both countries face similar threats and opportunities in the cyberspace,” Andri Rebane, the executive programme manager for cyber range and cyber exercises in Estonian ministry of defence, said in a statement.

A representative of the Singapore armed forces added that the cyber defence training provided the participants with key concepts on cyber defence techniques and perspectives. “The training included hands-on practical sessions which made learning engaging and interactive.”

A cybersecurity heavyweight

Estonia ranks highest in Europe and fifth in the world in cybersecurity, according to the 2017 cybersecurity index, compiled by the International Telecommunication Union.

Estonia enhanced its cybersecurity commitment after a 2007 attack that originated from Russia and briefly knocked out several crucial services in the country. The steps included the introduction of an organisational structure that can respond quickly to attacks as well as a legal act that requires all vital services to maintain a minimal level of cooperation if they are cut off from the internet. The Estonian capital, Tallinn, also hosts the headquarters of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

Based on the cybersecurity training exercises carried out under cooperation agreements, Estonia has been able to increase its cyber defence capability as well as promote entrepreneurship.


Cover: Singapore skyline (the image is illustrative/Pexels).

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