Estonia to host an international cyber conference

Estonia is to host its first ever international cyber and space security conference that is due to take place from 10-11 November in Tallinn; the speakers include experts from various organisations and the conference can be attended both in person and virtually.

According to the organisers, the conference is dedicated to space cyber security and space traffic management and it explores opportunities for solving current and future challenges related to protecting space assets.

The speakers at the conference include experts from the European Space Agency, Airbus, the Secure World Foundation, ReOrbit, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.

“Estonia, being one of the digital pioneers who has more than two-decade-long experience developing its digital society, is very well equipped with different cyber security technologies, ranking in the top of the National Cyber Security Index, Madis Võõras, the head of the Estonian Space Office, said in a statement.

To solve challenges and find opportunities

“The conference aims to bring together the space security community to learn from previous experiences, envision and prepare for the future. [It] is looking to solve the challenges and find new opportunities for space traffic management, ensuring data integrity and preparing against cyber threats. The conference also explores possible trends in the near and far future of space cyber security.”

Together with multiple partners and industry organisations, the conference has developed a hybrid programme tackling various topics related to space safety and security. It includes seven panels, two keynotes from the industry experts and a hackathon.

The cyber and space security conference series is organised by Enterprise Estonia and the Estonian economy ministry. The event will be held online with real-time and on-demand access; there will also be a limited physical presence for the guests at the business centre Mektory in Tallinn.

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