Fake news about Ukrainians attacking Russians in Estonia circulate in social media, while Russia warns the Baltics

Fake news about Ukrainians attacking Estonian Russophones circulate in the social media – the Estonian police say none of these are true; at the same time, Russia has warned the Baltics about the consequences of “anti-Russian psychosis”.

Fake news about Ukrainians attacking Estonian Russian-speaking people have started to circulate in the social media in Estonia – both on Facebook and Instagram. The Estonian police said none of these are true, according to the Estonian Public Broadcasting.

“Today’s examples are shared posts about an elderly lady being attacked in a bus to Kopli [in Tallinn]. They’re specifically saying it was bus number 73 that actually does go to Kopli. There was an example of a woman being attacked in Pae Park being stabbed. There was an example of Ukrainians humiliating Russophones at Reidi Road. None of these events were true, police have checked them all,” Aivar Alavere, the police board’s crisis manager, told the public broadcasting.

A Facebook page called Justice Squad EST is claiming Ukrainians are attacking Russian-speaking people in Estonia. Screenshot from Facebook.

Russia warns the Baltics

Also on Saturday, a representative of the Russian foreign ministry, Maria Zakharova, announced that due to the “situation in Ukraine”, the hostility “from the countries in the front row of anti-Russian hysteria – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia” has significantly grown, adding that Russia has been “poured over with lies, slander and forgeries” by the Baltic states.

“We’re warning Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn that they’re responsible for the consequences of their anti-Russian psychosis. We’re demanding these countries’ authorities immediately take measures to protect Russia’s diplomatic and consular offices and their employees,” she said.

Zakharova added that statements by the leaders of the Baltic states are full of “caveman-like Russophobia” and they’re offensive towards Russia, its leadership and people. “There are dangerous calls for using force against Russia. The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has already been very clear about that. We hope that his words calm down the fireheads.”

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