Video: What do Russians in Estonia think about the war in Ukraine?

In Estonia, fear of a Russian invasion is increasing; many ethnic Russians live in the town of Narva – Deutsche Welle is looking into what do they think.

“The war against Ukraine is a thorny issue here. I think most Russians who live here in Estonia say Estonia is our homeland. But there are many opinions here on this Ukraine issue,” Aleksandr Klochenkov, an ethnic Russian living in Narva, says.

Many Russians in Estonia have relatives in Russia, and they greatly distrust the Western media, Deutsche Welle says. Many watch Russian TV channels and their propaganda shapes the image of the Ukraine war.

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1 thought on “Video: What do Russians in Estonia think about the war in Ukraine?”

  1. George de Tarnowsky

    Narva was leveled by the Russians after WWII, resettled by russians and for 20 plus years Estonians were forbidden to return there. It is heartening to see some Estonians in Narve protesting Russia’s war with Ukraine.

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