Estonian scholars invited to apply for Stanford fellowship

Estonian scholars are invited to apply for a short-term research fellowship at Stanford University, which will allow successful applicants to make use of Stanford’s collections, academic expertise and networks.

The Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom, Stanford University Libraires and the Estonian foreign ministry invite applications for the short-term research fellowship at Stanford University for Estonian scholars, the short-term research fellowship for Estonian security and foreign policy experts and the global digital governance fellowship for Estonian scholars. 

The application deadline for the fellowships is 29 May 2024.

The six- to eight-week fellowship enables Estonian scholars, especially early- to mid-career scholars, to benefit from Stanford’s strong collections, scholarly expertise, and networks related to the study of the history, society, and politics of Estonia and the Baltic region.

The fellowship is hosted by the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, Stanford University’s hub for the interdisciplinary study of the region, and supported by Stanford Libraries, which is home to one of the strongest Baltic collections in the US and a vibrant programme of events and projects led by the curator for Estonian and Baltic Studies. 

The programme welcomes proposals related to the study of the history, society and politics of Estonia and the Baltic region. The fellowship is open to all scholars with a doctoral degree, and proposals from early to mid-career scholars (scholars who received their doctorate 5-15 years ago) are particularly encouraged.

The applicants must be Estonian citizens.

The grant is to be used for purposes such as travel, accommodation, food and other expenses associated with the recipient’s research trip. The grant will also be used to travel to the USA in 2025, when the fellowship will take place.

On 15 May at 3:30 PM, Vabamu will host a Stanford-Estonia Symposium to present the scholarships and cooperation opportunities with Stanford University.

More information can be found on the Vabamu website.

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