Estonians join the Scandinavian Christmas market in London

The Estonian expat community in London, led by the Estonian Guild and supported by the Estonian Embassy in London, joins the Scandinavian Christmas market, held next to the Finnish and Norwegian churches in Rotherhithe, southeast London.


A range of Estonian food and drink companies, including the biggest and oldest confectionery company Kalev, food and wine producer Põltsamaa Felix and the oldest bread manufacturer Leibur will bring the tastes of Estonia to London. Mouse Tail Coffee, a company set up by a young London-based Estonian couple, will provide warm drinks while Estonia’s biggest alcohol producer Liviko makes sure that the famous Vana Tallinn liqueur is not missing.

Visitors can also purchase Estonian handicraft like Hosewear bags, made from old fire hoses; and woollen mittens from the Murese sheep farm in southern Estonia.

Additionally, there will be well-stocked Scandinavian stalls, so that visitors can rummage through, taste and purchase some of the best Scandinavian food, gifts and decorations at the market.

The proceeds from the market will go towards supporting the Estonian Guild’s activities in London. The Estonian Guild is a growing network, linking Estonians living and working in the United Kingdom. The Guild was founded in November 2009 by a group of enthusiastic Estonians with the support of the Estonian Embassy in London and Enterprise Estonia. Its prime objective is to encourage contacts and share information and ideas about Estonia, Estonians and their activities through the medium of organised events and functions.


The Scandinavian Christmas Market is located outdoors on Albion Street in Rotherhithe, London, adjacent to the Finnish and Norwegian churches.

Albion Street, Rotherhithe, London SE16 7JB

Friday 22 November 10:30 – 18:00

Saturday 23 November 10:00 – 18:00

Sunday 24 November 12:00 – 18:00

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