Six reasons to support Estonian World on its sixth birthday

For six years, Estonian World has been there for you. Now we need you to be there for us.

Estonian World celebrated its sixth birthday on 5 July. However, the outlet has grown so big that it’s impossible to sustain it without the help of its readers – you. Estonian World is in a critical need of funding. We have highlighted six reasons why you should consider supporting us – and take this opportunity to thank the hundreds of readers who have already done so!

When we founded Estonian World, we didn’t do it for money. We did it because as young Estonian expats, working in London, we wanted more people in the world to know about how Estonians do things and what we are all about. Until now, we’ve offered our online content for free. But we can no longer afford to operate Estonian World this way – there’s only so much three ordinary individuals can spend out of their own pockets. We face the choice of implementing paywall or hoping for the goodwill of our readers.

If at least 2,000 of our readers spent USD2 per month to support Estonian World – equivalent of buying a cup of coffee – the outlet would immediately be financially sustainable. The same would apply if at least 160 kind supporters spent USD25 per month to support Estonian World.

We can’t keep up our work without your help. To continue creating this professional media outlet, we need support.

Why support Estonian World? Here’s why:

  1. Estonian World is the most engaging English-language media outlet about Estonia, with over 44,000 followers in the social media. Estonian World is also the most global Estonian media outlet that has had readers in 230 countries and territories.

2. Estonian World is practically the only Estonian English-language media outlet that publishes human interest stories, long interviews and feature stories, placing a lot of emphasis on culture, identity, traditions and history. It also constantly highlights new creative talent from Estonia. Estonian World is also the only Estonian English-language media outlet that runs dedicated security, tech and science/education sections.

3. Much of Estonian World’s content is published through a global angle, meaning it creates interest among the people who live abroad. Approximately one-third of our readers are the descendants of Estonians – they don’t speak Estonian anymore, but like to keep up with Estonia. Estonian World provides them with this opportunity. Estonian World is like a bridge between those communities and Estonia proper.

4. Estonian World is an important source of information for Estonia-based expats who want to learn more about the country.

5. Estonian World is the second biggest influencer on Twitter among the Estonian organisations, just behind the country’s ministry of foreign affairs. Estonian World is also rated as the number one Tallinn authority and number four Estonia authority on the social media by the Paris-based agency, Agilience.

6. Last, but not least – we are a team of professional journalists whose greatest assets are integrity, honesty and sticking to the truth. Yes, we strive to be positive, but we don’t sugarcoat. Our professional ethics dictates objectivity above everything else. It is also the reason we’ve kept it ad-free.

Please consider supporting us in our efforts. We’d be grateful for every level of support – here’s how you can support us via Patreon or PayPal (see Donate via PayPal button)

Alternatively, you can also use bank transfer: 

Bank:         LHV Pank (Estonia)

Name:        Estonian World Media OÜ

Account:    EE477700771002519475

Thank you from the Estonian World’s team!


The cover image is illustrative (image by Eiko Ojala).

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