Video: 92-year-old Estonian lady trying out Tesla Model X

Estonia’s largest technology news portal, Geenius, took 92-year-old Roosi, probably the oldest actively driving lady in Estonia, for a ride in a Tesla Model X. Her first reaction? “Just like my Moskvitch! What’s the difference!”

Until now, Roosi, the 92-year-old lady lady from Tallinn, the Estonian capital, has only ever driven Soviet-made cars. She still drives her 43-year-old red Moskvitch, once one of the very few car models available for Soviet citizens. But recently, thanks to the Geenius tech portal, Roosi tried out one of the most advanced cars in production today – an all-electric Tesla Model X.

The portal said on its YouTube channel that Roosi “is so awesome in her driving skills and general attitude, so we decided to take her for a ride in a Tesla Model X – something from the future compared to her Moskvitch”.

An old Moskvitch car, once made in the Soviet Union.

After some consideration, Roosi agreed to test the Tesla.

Her first reaction was somewhat lacking in excitement – “heh, [it’s] just like my Moskvitch! What’s the difference!” – but once Roosi was encouraged to press ahead and accelerate, Tesla’s abilities started to impress her. “Super duper! I would buy this one! Very nice,” she said. Roosi also tried out Tesla’s autopilot.

Ultimately though, Roosi compared her Tesla experience with driving the Pobeda, the most desired car in the post-war Soviet Union (produced from 1946 – 1958).

“Interesting, but I felt like I was driving my Pobeda. It felt so familiar. Funny,” she said.

GAZ M20 Pobeda.

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