Estonia ranks third in the global national cybersecurity index

Estonia ranks third in the newly-published national cybersecurity index that maps the state of cybersecurity in 100 countries.

France was ranked first and Germany second in the index. Estonia is followed by Slovakia, Finland and Lithuania. Estonia’s southern neighbour, Latvia, came in 12th.

According to the director of the National Cyber Security Programme at the Estonian e-Governance Academy, Raul Rikk, the national cybersecurity index helps governments and organisations understand what has been done correctly in their countries and which areas need further action.

“We all know that cyber security is a global challenge and one country alone cannot ensure its security in cyberspace. Therefore, it is extremely important to find ways to make our digital world secure together. The NCSI is a good tool for that,” he said in a statement.

The index measures countries’ readiness against cyberattacks and crimes. It includes every NATO and EU member state, as well as a number of developing countries. The e-Governance Academy will update the data on an ongoing basis as new information becomes available.


The cover image is illustrative.

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