Estonia ranks first in the world in the national cyber security index

Estonia ranks first in the newly published national cyber security index, having improved its ranking by two places since March 2018.

Estonia jumped two places after an update by the country’s ministry of defence, notifying the national cyber security index team of the recent establishment of the Cyber Command at the Estonian Defence Forces.

“Estonia demonstrates great results across the board, with maximum scores in the capacities of cyber threat analysis and information, contribution to global cyber security, protection of digital services, protection of personal data, cyber incidents report, cyber crisis management, and military cyber operations,” the index team said on its website.

A global index

The previous leader of the index, France, dropped to the second place and Germany, the former number two, is now ranked third.

Finland is ranked sixth in the index, followed by Lithuania. Latvia holds the 12th place.

The national cyber security index is a global index that measures the preparedness of countries to prevent cyber threats and manage cyber incidents. The index is also a database with publicly available evidence materials and a tool for national cyber security capacity building.

The index is compiled by the Estonian e-Governance Academy. It ranks altogether 109 countries in the world, including every NATO and EU member state, as well as a number of developing countries.

The e-Governance Academy will update the data on an ongoing basis as new information becomes available.


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