Estonian companies create a cyber threat awareness platform for Latvia

Two Estonian cyber security companies joined forces and created a platform for the Latvian ministry of defence with the aim to raise its employees’ awareness about cyber threats.

The Estonian companies, BHC Laboratory and ByteLife Solutions, created a joint venture called CybExer Technologies and developed the Cyber Hygiene Platform that is designed to interactively address real-life situations to mitigate the users’ cyber risk behaviour.

“There are millions of cyber-attacks taking place in the world daily where the target is a regular user,” Janek Gridin, a member of the board of CybExer Technologies, said in a statement.

“One wrong move: opening a malicious e-mail, using infected USB drive or something similar may endanger not that person alone, but also the whole organisation,” he added.

The platform was created in Estonia within the framework of a cooperation project between the Estonian and Latvian ministries of defence.


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