Estonian cyber security company CybExer to build a cyber range for Luxembourg

Estonian cyber security company CybExer has been awarded a three-year contract by the Luxembourg Directorate of Defence for the acquisition of a cyber range – an IT-systems’ simulation environment for enhancing an organisation’s cyber defence capabilities through training and testing activities.

The Directorate of Defence of Luxembourg recently decided to develop its cyber defence capabilities and to that end, it has established a cooperation with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. The three-year contract to CybExer was awarded to the company within this framework.

In addition to delivering the platform, CybExer will conduct a series of dedicated trainings and ensure the operation and maintenance of the range throughout the contract period, the company said in a statement.

Luxembourg aims to become a “smart nation”

The cyber range is designed to be primarily used by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency and the Luxembourg Directorate of Defence, but may also be shared with interested allies and partners, the company added.

“Luxembourg has become a key ICT actor in the European Union. We have invested massively in connectivity and IT infrastructures over the last years, with the aim of becoming a ‘smart nation’ and one of the most dynamic digital economies in Europe. All of this requires protection and with our national cybersecurity strategy we are aiming, together with NSPA and CybExer, at building a highly capable training environment, that can prepare our cyber security teams for the most advanced threats,” Ben Fetler, a cyber security project manager at the Luxembourg Directorate of Defence, said in a statement.

CybExer is an Estonian cybersecurity company with experience in providing and maintaining sophisticated IT platforms with a special focus on cyber capability development.

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency brings together the acquisition, logistic, medical and infrastructural capabilities. As NATO’s primary enabler, the Agency’s mission is to provide effective and cost-efficient multinational solutions to the alliance.

Images by CybExer.

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