Estonian digital transformation know-how reaches 16 countries 

Estonian digital transformation expertise has reached 16 countries on three continents with the support of European Union funding totalling €79 million.

In cooperation with Estonian IT companies, the e-Governance Academy has provided Estonian digital government solutions and shared experiences with the governments of Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Serbia.

Consultations are offered to the governments of Turkey and Armenia, and cooperation is ongoing with the governments of Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala.

“EU membership has been crucial for the development and security of the Estonian state. But it has also promoted the spread of Estonian expertise in digital transformation and inspired many countries to follow the example of the Estonian digital society,” Hannes Astok, the executive director of the e-Governance Academy, said in a statement.

Hannes Astok. Photo by the e-Governance Academy.
Hannes Astok. Photo by the e-Governance Academy.

Involving public and private sector

In addition to the 50 experts from the e-Governance Academy, Estonian expertise was provided by more than 50 experts from the public sector and the country’s IT companies such as Cybernetica, Aktors and CybExer Technologies.

In Ukraine, the EU’s investment of around €51 million has improved the country’s digital infrastructure, public service delivery and cybersecurity capabilities, closely aligned with the EU’s Digital Single Market.

Key achievements include the development and implementation of the Trembita data exchange system, the improvement of digital public services, the creation of new digital services, the strengthening of cybersecurity and the mutual recognition of Ukrainian digital identity in the EU, the academy said.

A screenshot of Ukraine's Trembita’s platform. Photo by the e-Governance Academy.
A screenshot of Ukraine’s Trembita’s platform. Photo by the e-Governance Academy.

In Moldova, EU funding of €7 million supported the establishment of the National Agency for Cyber Security, the development of new cyber security legislation, raising awareness on online safety and strengthening cyber defences. These initiatives will improve Moldova’s resilience in cyberspace.

Developing regional cooperation

In Georgia, EU funding of around €7 million is playing a crucial role in strengthening cyber defence and promoting digital literacy among citizens. 

In the Western Balkans, EU funding totalling €7 million has focused on improving cybersecurity resilience and capacity building. These initiatives play a crucial role in developing regional cooperation and enhancing local expertise in cybersecurity.

In Kyrgyzstan, the EU-funded €2 million project has improved the delivery of digital services through the Tunduk data exchange platform, created a foundation for improving digital skills, and raised awareness of data protection and cybersecurity among government officials.

Founded in 2002, the Tallinn-based e-Governance Academy is a non-profit think tank and consultancy organisation that creates and shares knowledge and best practices in digital transformation.

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