Estonian logistics startup Cleveron launches a robot with two temperature zones

The Estonian logistics startup, Cleveron, has introduced a grocery robot with two temperature zones that, according to the company, would make grocery delivery cheaper and more convenient.

According to the company, the standard model of the robot is a single temperature unit with an adjustable internal temperature between +2 °C and +25 °C (+36 °F and +77 °F). “It also has an optional freezer zone with the controlled temperature of -18 °C (0 °F),” Cleveron said in a statement. “This makes the grocery robot suitable for storing both perishables and frozen food, ensuring the high quality of goods at the moment of pickup by the consumer.”

The company says that operating the robot is a “time-saving solution for the grocers, couriers and customers”.

The company’s first grocery robot

“The robot is filled through one user console so there is no need to walk between different locker doors,” Cleveron added. “The customers can collect their groceries by scanning or entering the order code at the console after which the robot will present their order. The grocery pickup can be completed in just 20 seconds.”

“The new robot helps offer an excellent experience for click and collect customers – a segment which is undoubtably growing,” the company asserted. “It is expected that the US online food and beverage sales will grow 18.2% to $19.89 billion in 2019. By 2023, the online grocery sales are anticipated to more than quadruple.”

The new robot, dubbed “Cleveron 501”, is the first grocery robot for the company, which provides robotics-based click and collect solutions to some of the biggest names in retail, like Walmart, Zara, Decathlon and others. Cleveron’s parcel robots and lockers are used in 22 countries, issuing 1.3 million parcels every month, the company says.

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