Estonia first country to build a virtual pavilion for the Venice Biennale

The curators of the Estonian pavilion at the 14th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition will build a virtual pavilion to complement the physical Estonian exhibition; the interactive web environment will allow digital users to affect the physical pavilion in real time.

“In a country as digitally savvy as Estonia, public space can only be discussed via the interdependence of physical and digital space,” the curators of the Estonian exhibition, Interspace, Johanna Jõekalda, Siim Tuksam and Johan Tali said in a statement.

To build the virtual pavilion, the curators raised over EUR6,000 on Hooandja, the Estonian equivalent of Kickstarter.

“The extremely generous support of our Hooandja backers will allow us to create an environment where people can experience the exhibition online, but this has been done before and we will not stop there. Showing the presence of the digital visitors in the physical pavilion at the Arsenale, we will create a full circle of interaction,” the curators said.


“While in different physical space, people can be located in the same information space and vice versa. In an e-country such as Estonia urban planning and spatial design can no longer happen without regarding this phenomenon – this is what Interspace is exploring in the context of this Biennale.”

Opening on 5 June at the Arsenale, Venice, Interspace explores new tendencies in public placemaking in an information society, where the fundamental communicative role of architecture is being challenged by networked technologies that produce a multitude of personalised understandings of the public sphere, the curators added.

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