Latvia imposes a self-isolation requirement on Estonians entering the country

The Estonian foreign ministry has announced that due to the increased coronavirus infection rate in Estonia, Latvia is imposing a self-isolation requirement on people arriving in the country from Estonia, starting 12:00 AM on Saturday, 12 September.

According to the Estonian foreign ministry, mandatory self-isolation does not apply when entering the territory of Latvia for the following purposes:

  • Employment, if crossing the border is necessary for carrying out professional or basic duties and the individual has proof of their employment;
  • Childcare services or formal full-time studies at pre-school level (by presenting a certificate issued by a service provider or educational establishment);
  • Full-time study at basic, secondary and higher education level, and professional educational programmes in the field of arts and culture (by presenting a certificate issued by an educational establishment);
  • Accompanying a minor or an adult student with special needs to a nursery, kindergarten or school;
  • Transiting through the country (the stay should not exceed 12 hours with no overnight stay);
  • caring for relatives, or organising or attending a funeral;
  • Health-care services in Latvia prescribed by a doctor (by presenting a certificate or referral issued by a doctor).

Work-related migration and free movement across the border in the twin town of Valga-Valka allowed

The government of Latvia decided to allow the continuation of work-related migration and free movement across the border in the twin town of Valga-Valka. The decision applies to residents of Valga and Valka provided they have not travelled outside the municipality in the previous 14 days.

The additional restrictions do not apply to the free movement of goods.

When using international carriers for entering the country, a form with contact details must be completed, including information about the countries the passenger has been in during the past two weeks. The form is handed out and collected by the carrier.

Aerial view to the old town of Riga, Latvia’s capital.

“Anyone arriving from a high-risk country must wear a mask when in public in Latvia. The government recommends avoiding social contacts and following the relevant safety precautions when carrying out professional duties or services,” the Estonian foreign ministry said.

Individuals who are obligated to self-isolate can leave their place of accommodation wearing a mask for the purpose of returning to their country of residence or going to their new place of accommodation. Prior to returning to their country of residence or changing their location of self-isolation, they must notify the Latvian police.

Cover: The Latvian-Estonian border between the Estonian town of Valga and the Latvian town of Valka. Photo by Vesahjr, shared under the CC BY-SA 4.0 licence.

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