Podcast: Humour as a protest

In the last episode of the third season of the Tallinn University Podcast, the host, Terry McDonald is joined by the university’s alumnus, Jana Levitina, a cofounder of the FLINTA (female, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans, agender) comedy club in Estonia; in the wake of the Baltic Pride 2023 that took place in Tallinn; they discuss the LGBTQ+ rights from a humourous point of view.

“Comedy is like alcohol but less harmful”. In this episode, Jana enlightens Terry on the importance of political humour, how feminism is related to LGBTQ+ rights, and the ongoing importance of Pride in 2023. They will also discuss some of the often-asked questions, such as, “Why do we need pride in 2023?” or “Why should people outside of the LGBTQ+ community care about pride?”

These questions and issues are discussed from the perspective of Estonia and Jana provides in-depth information on feminism and LGBTQ+-related issues.

Finally, Jana also tells more about the comedy club FLINTA, what it is, and its importance for the LGBTQ+ community.

Jana Levitina’s colourful nails. Private collection.

The Tallinn University Podcast seeks to shed light on the research and activism taking place in Estonia. This season, the podcast is presented in conjunction with Estonian World.

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