• Sõbralik Eesti photo

    Estonian citizens’ initiative shows solidarity for an open society

    Amid a state of panic about Syrian and African refugees, a new movement, called “Friendly Estonia”, aims to encourage Estonia to remain open-minded country that embraces diversity. The effort …

  • P1040729

    The secrets of the success behind Tallinn’s Depeche Mode bar

    There are a lot of bars in Tallinn’s Old Town lining the cobbled medieval streets and squares, but one of the most surprising has to be the Depeche Mode …

  • Viks bike

    Estonian bicycle company Viks launches a new carbon bike

    The Estonian bicycle brand, Viks, celebrates its second birthday with a new carbon version of its distinctively designed two-wheeler.
    Viks was set up in 2013 by GrabCAD co-founder …