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    Peedu “The Cat” Kass: an inside perspective on the Estonian jazz scene

    Peedu Kass is an active Estonian instrumentalist and winner of prestigious awards such as the Elion Young Jazz Talent Prize in 2010 and the Sony Jazz Stage Competition in 2006 …

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    Hardi Meybaum: Estonia is like a peacock – deceptively small in size but full of impact in appearance

    Hardi Meybaum (32) is just one example of a new generation of Estonian entrepreneurs – thinking out-of-the-box, having an innovative mindset and most important – actually being successful.
    Soon …

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    A new Estonian invention: customised shoe inserts let women wear high heels without pain

    A new Estonian invention – Heelosophy shoe inserts – says it allows women wear their high heels daily, have ultimate comfort in footwear, and all of this without compromising on the looks …