Estonia supports the world’s poorest countries to contain the coronavirus

Estonia is allocating €100,000 for containing the spread and lessen the consequences of the coronavirus in the world’s poorest countries.

Responding to a call by the World Health Organisation, Estonia is allocating €100,000 from its development and humanitarian aid funds, to help contain the spread and ease the consequences of the coronavirus in the world’s poorest countries, the country’s foreign ministry said.

Estonia’s foreign minister, Urmas Reinsalu, said in a statement that the country, in solidarity with other governments, wishes to contribute to fighting the global epidemic. “The coronavirus has spread across the world. If we wish to get the spread of the virus under control and protect the health of us all, we must be able to do so in all countries across the world,” he said.

Particular consideration given to vulnerable groups

Cases of the coronavirus have reached Africa and the Middle East, where the virus could further spread to conflict zones, and humanitarian aid workers in countries with vulnerable health systems are concerned. Hence, in late March, the United Nations and the WHO issued a $2 billion plea for global consolidated humanitarian aid to combat the virus.

“Particular consideration is given to vulnerable groups like the elderly, the disabled, women and children. The funding raised would mainly be used for medical and lab equipment procurements for countries in need of assistance, and for the water, sanitation and hygiene cluster in densely populated areas and camps,” the Estonian foreign ministry said in a statement. “Assistance will also be provided to inform the population about the spread of the virus, train and instruct health professionals, and provide logistical support for delivering aid.”

As of 9 April, there are 1,207 confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease in Estonia and 24 people have died. The Estonian government declared an emergency situation on 12 March and closed its borders on 17 March.

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Cover: Map of coronavirus pandemic around the world. Image by Martin Sanchez/Unsplash.

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