Open lecture: Future capital – rebuilding the economy for the future

Tallinn University of Technology – also known as TalTech – hosts an English-language open lecture, “Future capital – rebuilding the economy for the future” on 12 September at 3:45 pm; Estonian World streams the lecture live.

“The future of our planet depends very much on our ability to re-imagine and build a new economic system that is less about growth at all costs and more about regeneration of resources, benefit for all and sustainability and how stepping beyond a flawed assumption economists have been making for 350 years, gives us an innovative route to the new economic system we need,” TalTech said of the talk.

The speakers are Killu Tõugu Sanborn, Graham Boyd and Jordan Nicholas Sukut.

Sanborn was born and raised in Tallinn and earned her PhD from the New York-based Cornell University/Sloan-Kettering Institute. She now lives in San Diego, CA, and has worked in startup and midsize companies as commercial and business development executive, and molecular biology researcher.

Graham Boyd builds strongly connected regenerative startup ecosystems and wrote, with economist Jack Reardon, the book, “Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You”. The book describes his approach to transforming the nature of business and the economic theory implied by that.

Jordan Nicholas Sukut is a founder and co-creator in a network of international initiatives that together aim to accomplish global goals.

There will also be a discussion with the speakers, moderated by the university’s vice-rector for research, Maarja Kruusmaa.

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