Estonian World’s best of 2012 – people & culture

One of EW’s very first articles was a short, but poignant interview with a world famous composer and producer Brian Eno

Brian Eno impressed by the performance of Estonian Broadcasting Corporation Girls’ Choir (Video)


Our very first person featured on the “Global Estonians” article series was a singer-songwriter Liis Hirvoja from London

Global Estonians: Liis Hirvoja (London/UK)


Comprehensive interview with Berlin-based composer Jüri Reinvere, about his experiences of living abroad, on creativity, European culture and Estonian identity

Berlin-based composer Jüri Reinvere: “Only through dialogue can we find out how the others see and understand us, as a person, or as a nation.”


Feature story about fashion designer Liina Viira and her unique Tallinn-based store Naiiv

A Trend in Tradition: fashion designer Liina Viira modernises the traditional folk costumes


Still very new and fresh Estonian World first created media waves in November when we drew attention to a funny short movie about Estonia, called “Kati and Me”. Large Estonian media outlets soon followed suit

The 8th Annual EstDocs Festival successfully came to an end (features award winning short film “Kati and Me”)


Interview with an enigmatic Swiss-based singer-songwriter Ingrid Lukas


Interview with UK-based stage director Liisa Smith


EW’s British contributor Adam Garrie analysed and compared Arvo Pärt to 19th century Austrian composer Anton Bruckner

Arvo Pärt and Anton Bruckner – Parallel Lives (Video)



Interview with a cosmopolitan artist Marko Mäetamm

Marko Mäetamm: “The future world will be led by creative superheroes.”


Artist in focus: nature photographer Remo Savisaar


Liisi Koikson interview – on her new album and her life in music (video)


Interview with a writer and artist Toomas Vint


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