Estonian World’s dozen most popular original stories in 2013

We have compiled a dozen of the most popular original stories published by EstonianWorld in 2013, in no particular order. Here they are, in case you’ve missed any of them.


Tallinn named one of Top 7 Intelligent Communities in the world

Intelligent Community Forum named the world’s Top 7 Intelligent Communities, all with a track record of new job creation and innovative development. The Estonian capital was chosen as one of the Top 7 communities.



Lessons in Estonian culture for beginners: an introduction

The first part of the lovely story of how two Canadian-Estonian girls were inspired by their Estonian grandmother, deciding to take a trip to Estonia and discovering more about the country of their ancestors and its “secret language”.

Dobbin sisters


Kurat – an Estonian language lesson

A funny take on the frequent use of Estonian word “kurat” – directly translated as the Estonian word for devil.



Mapping diplomacy – Estonia’s global servants

Are you an Estonian who lives abroad? Do you know where to obtain consular assistance? EstonianWorld plotted every one of Estonia’s embassies and consulates on an interactive map.

Estonian-diplomacy-worldwide 2013-11-10 18-05-32


Robbie Williams to test the new promotion campaign for Estonia

Robbie Williams’ concert in Tallinn on 20 August 2013 was filmed and screened across the world, forming a part of the new promotion campaign for Estonia.



Estonia’s top models

Did you know that Estonia produces more fashion models per capita than any other country in the world? But who are those girls, proudly representing Estonia on the international stage? We followed their progress through New York, London, Milan and Paris and picked the hottest Estonian names in the fashion industry.



Starting from scratch: The case of e-government in Estonia

Estonia, starting from low-grade technological advancement, has been outstandingly successful in building a modern and hi-tech e-government system that is envied by the international community. We took a look at the context and historical pattern of Estonia’s e-government system.

By Jarek Jõepera


Map: Estonians in England and Wales – how many really are there?

In April 2013, Labour MP and shadow immigration minister Chris Bryant courted controversy when he slammed businesses in his South Wales constituency for “hiring Estonians and Latvians” instead of the local population. “It would be nice sometimes when you go into a British hotel if the receptionist was British,” was the remark that drew most criticism, suggesting to many that the opposition was just as confused on the issue of immigration as the government. We took a look and estimated the number of Estonians living in England and Wales.



Estonia to have the world’s highest pyramids by 2030

We reported how an Estonian architecture firm and a local council are planning to use chippings from an oil-shale quarry to build the largest pyramids in the world in Aidu, north-eastern Estonia by 2030.

Aidu pyramids vision III


Lessons in Estonian culture for beginners 3: hot steam, cold water and the naked truth

The third part of the story of how two Canadian-Estonian girls were inspired by their Estonian grandmother and decided to take a trip to Estonia and discover more about the country of their ancestors and its “secret language”. Here, they got acquainted with the Estonian sauna culture.

Dobbin Sauna


A song written by Estonian artist Kerli becomes UK’s Christmas number one single

First among the Estonian media, EstonianWorld broke the news when “Skyscraper“, a song originally written by the Estonian recording artist Kerli Kõiv with Toby Gad and Lindy Robbins in 2011, and in 2013 re-recorded and sung by British singer Sam Bailey, became the Christmas No. 1 in the United Kingdom.



Tallinn one of world’s best Christmas destinations

Over the last decade, Tallinn has established itself as a world-famous Christmas destination. We collected some of this year’s best stories about the Estonian capital and presented them, using a little help from Storify.

Tallinn Christmas market

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